The Chelsea Community Garden provides our community with the opportunity to plant vegetables for their own use as well as give to our neighbors through the Beans and Rice Food Pantry, an outreach ministry at St. Catherine’s.

What a difference the past year has made!  Under the leadership of Dr. Brent McLarty, a permanent garden location was installed, complete with fencing and a gate, with year-round vegetable plantings and flowers.  The yield this year has been our best ever! In December 2020, fruit trees were installed along with other plants, in an arc just outside the gate.  The vision for the garden area to become a restorative, beautiful place in St. Catherine’s landscape is well underway.

A bit of history:  members of the church started the community garden in 2012 and made progress in 2013 with many new families joining and actively participating.  Our Deacon, Clyde Pearce, led the initial effort, as there was serious clearing and tilling to be done for soil preparation. In 2014, we moved the garden from its initial location to a new site on the Chelsea side of King’s Home Road.

 Plans were made to re-envision and relocate the garden in 2020 – and we succeeded!

All are welcome to participate!